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Version 5.0.127

by g.lionello » 20 Jun 2017, 17:08

1) New The tile of domains with more connections it is now multiple and it allows displaying, through a combo box in the title, also the number of connections for day of th week.
2) New In the main chart it is now possible to display the number of weekly connections.
3) New The backend research has been expanded also to products.
4) New In the backend, if you research for a data from the "Search" tab and you choose a function available in the contextual menu of the found data, the data TreeView automatically adapts itself to make understand the user where the researched information is contained.
5) Fix It did not automatically add the Walled Garden for the links to the header and footer page defined in templates for the Info and Login Apps.
6) Fix During the saving of the gateway data, if the "Same network of the appliance" check had been enabled and it had been set a WAN IP of a different network than the IP of the appliance, an error occured and it did not allow the GW saving. Now instead of the error, it appears a "Warning" and it allows anyway the saving.
7) Fix If you had entered a URL to be displayed when users clicked on the Info App header image, it did not upload it.
8) Fix The custom Apps were always maximized.

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