New Stripe issue*** URGENT ***
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New Stripe issue*** URGENT ***

by Andrushka » 31 Jul 2023, 18:10

We have a hotspot with Stripe payments.
Today when a user pays using Stripe they redirect and successfully make payment. However after that the page hangs with the browser saying wiating for (see screenshot). It never returns to HSNM
The user is not registered in HSNM and their product has not been activated but they HAVE made a payment.
There are Stripe errors in the system log as shown in the attached screenshot. The error says payment not accepted but it HAS been accepted and the users are understandably unhappy to pay and not get service.
I have also tried to make a payment through backend and User Interface Preview and I see the same behavious so it is not a gateway issue.
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Re: New Stripe issue*** URGENT ***

by HSNMSupport » 01 Aug 2023, 08:44

for urgent problems DO NOT USE THE FORUM but please contact us via Skype or Email.
BTW this issue is not replicable from our side so please check your HSNM networking/firewalling.

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