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Chromecast Solutions

by spike » 26 May 2021, 00:22

Hi team,

We've been using Nevaya for chromecasting solutions for some of our customers. I'm now on the hunt for either another solution, or a way to do this in house either Via HSNM or a custom App.

I get the Gist.

Two networks
Casting - VLAN X ---> Cast Router --> Hotspot --> Chromecasts
Guest WiFi - VLAN Y ---> Cast Router --> Hotspot --> Guest Devices
Cast Router --> VPN --> Server managing access, register to cast unit in room, Cast Router adds rule allowing L2 Discovery

Using L2 Bridging and allow scripts for discovery over Bonjour

Is this a feature HSNM would consider developing, it appears to me that more and more people want to BYOC to public hotspots. whilst it's not overly costly currently, it is yet another system. And it feels like something that could be integrated into HSNM, thus creating a new feature / product suite and reducing the hardware required on site.


Appreciate any thoughts, feedback, comments, insights etc.. :-)

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Re: Chromecast Solutions

by HSNMSupport » 27 May 2021, 12:30

Hi Spike
Could be an interesting new features. We have just forwarded it to our developers that will evaluate it.
We’ll do our best to evaluate them and keep expanding our software according to the wishes of our customers!

If you desperately need a new feature implemented in our HSNM and can't wait, we can negotiate with us a price, for which we will stop what we do and take care of what you need! The service applies only to existing Customers.

Best regards

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