HSNM + Mikrotik Setup
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Re: HSNM + Mikrotik Setup

by HSNMSupport » 03 Jun 2019, 15:27


as mentioned at the beginning of this topic, possible causes for the redirect error are:

1) Gateway lost connection or it didn't have an internet connection
2) Gateway is behind a firewall and the HTTP port is closed
3) Gateway's Walled Gardens doesn't have the HSNM's domain name and/or IP
4) You changed IP or Domain Name of your HSNM/appliance without reconfigure the GW
5) HSNM/appliance is turned off
6) DNS on gateway or on client side is not working properly and so it can't resolve the HSNM's domain name
7) HSNM is behind a firewall and the HTTP port is closed or not port-forwarded
8) You have enabled the "same network of the appliance" checkbox on gateway inside HSNM, but your gateway is not on the same network (layer 2 and layer3) of HSNM
9) DSL connection has poor upload bandwidth or big latency
10) User's device has poor/interfered wifi signal

So, you have to focus your attention on these possible causes.

Best Regards.

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