Captive portal not redirecting automatically
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Captive portal not redirecting automatically

by couragesmith » 09 Apr 2020, 14:58

Hello support
I am encountering some challenge where I have import HSN config file into a working router of a company.
The purpose is to serve guest with captive portal while the router still serve the business operations.
I noticed the captive portal does not automatically redirect the guest after importing the configuration file into the router? We are using 2 VLANs for the HSN one for impatient guest and another for outpatient while the main business is on a bridge mode.
Everything thing seems to work fine but portal does not load automatically when a customer connects to the SSID.
We are using ubiquiti unifi pro as the access points with 3 SSIDs
So We have to manually enter the IP address of the gateway before we can access the HSN Port.

Can you assist me on how customers can get the portal loading automatically. ;) :geek:
Courage Smith

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Re: Captive portal not redirecting automatically

by HSNMSupport » 09 Apr 2020, 17:11

Hi Courage
How did you import the HSNM configuration file inside a working router? It is quite difficult to have it working fine....generally if you want to put a custom configuration inside a GW, you have to put the configuration inside the "Custom command fileds"
then you have to download the configuration file from HSNM and import it inside a resetted Mikrotik GW.
Surelly if you have not been redirected, means that you did something wrong but, I am sorry, I would not know what...probably you didn't copy the hotspot folder or you missed some configuration.

Best regards
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