SSL at CNMaestro / Cambium
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SSL at CNMaestro / Cambium

by sysmaxmx » 12 Oct 2020, 17:59

How can I login SSL with cambium networks and hsnm?

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Re: SSL at CNMaestro / Cambium

by HSNMSupport » 13 Oct 2020, 09:13

Dear sysmaxmx,
with Version 7.0.200 (Stable) Published on September, 8th 2020, we introduced:
1) New "Cambium cnMaestro On-Premises" is no longer in beta and added the possibility to use not only HTTPS but also HTTP.

We are actually updating our guide in order to guide the user to configure HSNM and Cambium CnMaestro On-Premises, in order to work with HTTPS/HTTP Hsnm login.
Actually only CnMAestro on-premises allows you to configure and work HTTPS or HTTP HSNM login.
cnMaestro on Cloud allows you to configure and work only HTTP HSNM login.

You can even choose to directly configure cnPilot Ap but even this will only work with HTTP HSNM login.
Have a nice day.

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