Version 8.0.265 (Stable) Released!
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Version 8.0.265 (Stable) Released!

by HSNMSupport » 18 May 2021, 15:15

Published on May, 11th 2021

1) New Improved performance of night-time batch data maintenance operations.
2) New Added additional checks to prevent the loading of a CRT without KEY in the management of certificates.
3) New Updated the walled garden for the payment gateway Mollie.
4) Fix In the logs of users connections, it didn't assign the gateway name if users were on a federated domain.
5) Fix If users logged in via Facebook and the possibility to post was planned, when clicking the button the dialog didn't appear.
6) Fix In Subsystem 2.0, in "Utility Functions", the"Data Restoring to Default Values" didn't reset data.

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