Version 9.3.102 (Stable) Released!
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Version 9.3.102 (Stable) Released!

by HSNMSupport » 13 Apr 2022, 15:26

The following is the list of carried-out changes, corrections, and improvements.
Once you install version 9.3, you won't be able to go back to version 9.2 or previous ones

Version 9.3.102 (Stable) Published on June, 23rd 2022

1) New In the gateway configuration, in the "Fields for Configuring the Gateway" panel, on "Radius" now it shows also the IP addresses to be used when configuring the radius in order to make the managers more independent if left autonomous.
2) New In the WAN configuration for Mikrotik-type gateways it is now possible to define DNS and whether or not to allow remote requests for them.
3) New In the gateway configuration, the new "Syslog" panel has been added, which in addition to containing the "Activate Logs" field now allows defining the Syslog server (Local or remote) with IP address and port.
4) New Now Syslog configuration changes on the Mikrotik gateway are applied dynamically without having to manually reconfigure the gateway.
5) New Updated integration with "TP-Link Omada" for compatibility with controller version 5.
6) New In the configuration of Mikrotik type gateways it is now possible to configure, in addition to PPTP, also VPN of SSTP and L2TP types.
7) New In the Card and Voucher printing, in the page break, the option "Every 7 cards on three columns" has been added in order to reduce paper consumption.
8) New In the advanced dashboard, the new option "Domains with most traffic" has been added in the combo box of the connections per domain tile.
9) New It is now possible to customize by domain the next due date email to be sent to users. The definition of the days in advance for sending the mail can now only be defined at the domain level and no longer at the system level.
10) New "Huawei iMaster NCE-Campus controller (Beta)" has been added to the gateway Hardware Type.

Posts: 1391
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Version 9.3.102 (Stable) Released!

by HSNMSupport » 24 Jun 2022, 09:20


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