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HTTPS Encryption & Social Networks

Posted: 07 Jun 2021, 10:21
by Marisa
The HTTPS protocol contributes to your online security by establishing a protected connection between the browser and the website. HTTPS is based on cryptography technology (SSL or TLS) to hardening connections.

Most used social networks switch their site integrations from HTTP to HTTPS, transitioning the communication to HTTPS.

Here at HSNM, we are committed to helping our partners and customers first.
Trying to make the HSNM experience straightforward is one of the many ways we do this every day.
So, from Version 8.1 HSNM also supports the free certificates issued by the Let’s Encrypt CA, so you will experience a more robust and secure connection between Gateway and HSNM and overcome the new Social policy that does not allow insecure requests any longer.
HSNM automatically performs the process to update your certificate.

Of course, in addition to free certificates issued by Let’s Encrypt Authority, you can enter your certificate issued by a Certificate Authority.