What sets great hotspot WiFi managers apart?
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What sets great hotspot WiFi managers apart?

by Debora » 22 Feb 2022, 10:54

Good managers help. Great managers empower

HSNM is the on-premise guest WiFi platform for ISPs and integrators that can be easily adapted to suit individual requirements and can be customised to set your hotspot venue owners up for success.

:arrow: Social login and…
Easy login via Facebook, Google, Twitter, LinkedIn, Amazon, Active Directory, etc.
:arrow: … Other login forms
Authentication via mail, SMS, MAC-Address, micro inquiry, shared passcode and many more.
:arrow: Monetise
Cards and vouchers, non-cash payment instruments like PayPal, Stripe, M-Pesa,
:arrow: Ads for free WiFi areas
A tool to generate revenue: motivate users to watch the ads and turn your WiFi into business.
:arrow: Reporting
Full range of reports based on sales, data usage, users,... always exportable in PDF and Excel format.
:arrow: Bandwidth management
Limit guests to a defined amount of bandwidth or time, ensuring equally-distributed access and offering a superior hotspot service.

With HSNM, you control access rights remotely and monitor all locations centrally

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