How to Plan a Cross-Platform Winning Campaign
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How to Plan a Cross-Platform Winning Campaign

by Debora » 22 Mar 2022, 10:24

With HSNM Hotspot Manager, your marketing strategy becomes a seamless omnichannel experience instead of “that ad feeling” people are eager to escape from.

Are you searching for a WiFi hotspot and marketing solution?
When you are using HSNM to offer WiFi hotspots to guests, you are using a powerful tool capable of turning those guests into loyal customers.
HSNM is the on-prem and white label platform geared towards WiFi marketing analysis and monetization.

Need to empower the catchment of new customers?
Collect data from your guest authentication. You can build customers profiles based on criteria such as age, gender, geography…, and you’ll have the best chance of your guests actually engaging with you.
Adverts can be geo-targeted and set for specific slots during the day. With tailored offers and promotions, you can generate more awareness, interest and conversions.

Wish to create a closer communication with them?
With HSNM, you can trigger specific communication, redirect guests to a loyalty page on your website or socials and increase your online reputation. Welcome your brand-new guest with an email or SMS message. Type custom text into the provided templates and use system variables to personalize messages. Sending notifications is incredibly simple and professional.

How about building a lasting and strong relationship?
Do not interrupt the flow of communication with your new customers, the secret lies in making yourself heard over time. With HSNM, you can set up the Facebook pixel to show people targeted Ads for items and consequently monitor the conversions of the Facebook Ad campaigns.
Finally, synchronize guests’ contacts and MailChimp automatically and email campaigns to all your guests at any moment with the least effort.

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