Portal simplicity
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Portal simplicity

by CIE » 20 Jul 2021, 13:23

We need to customize the captive portal for a client.
The internet access will be free, without password.

Only he wants two pages.
1.- The first page should show the welcome portal for a few seconds and then redirect to the terms of use. It should not appear "skip intro"
2- the second page should show the terms of use. Once they are accepted once they are accepted, go directly to a predefined web page.

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Re: Portal simplicity

by HSNMSupport » 20 Jul 2021, 14:09

Hi Cie,
1) you need to create a custom HTML page and use it as the Welcome portal intro. There is no way to force the content check.
2) we do not have the possibility to show up the terms and let them be accepted, before login. This is a new feature in our whishlist.
Please let me know if it clarifies.
Please if you want you can reach us on Skype by clicking the link in the Forum menu.

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