What's hot in new HSNM 9.0?
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What's hot in new HSNM 9.0?

by Marisa » 10 Nov 2021, 10:59

HSNM introduces New Version 9.0
These are just some of the new features and tools to be expected from the new HSNM Version 9.0:

•Remote systems are HSNMs connected to the local system where you can monitor all data coming from the HSNMs worldwide.
Who will benefit from this new feature? Ships, cruises, cargos, tankers, oil rings, trains, national coaches.
•Fleet tracking & Telemetry: vehicle monitoring and control system for managing a fleet of cars, trucks, forklifts, or other vehicles. It provides outstanding coverage for tracking the asset and vehicle location.
Who will take advantage? All businesses that have wheeled tracked and railed vehicles transporting people or cargo.
Remote systems and fleet track deserve a separate discussion and specific post. •Folders and subfolders to organise resellers for maximum productivity. One of the simplest and most overlooked aspects of being organised is getting your levels organised. One of the goals for organising your levels is “Easy to Find”; so create your subfolders and name them strategically.
•Added the WiKi button that opens the content specific to the session you need to have more details. When creating a system user, you can decide whether to show the Wiki.
For all the customers having their fully-Branded HSNM, branded WiKi is included in the Branding Program.
•Password complexity: you can define the minimum complexity of the password for both system users and guests.
•Expiration of the Password for System Users: when creating or editing a system user, you can define the expiration of the password. If you need to force new system users to enter their new password, enter a date in the past.
•Now you can enter the Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions statement that system users have to accept before they gain access to the platform.
•Into the Templates and AD campaigns, you can upload MP4 videos to show in the Intro. Contents are available directly from HSNM and you are independent of YouTube and external servers!
•Survey: the system recognises if users have already filled out a survey even if they did not register nor connect. That gives you the ability to vary the surveys to be filled in.
In the "Option"-type questions, it is possible to freely define an image for each defined answer to simulate the "Likert" scale options.
•Aruba Instant On is the new gateway type that the platform supports.
•Payments gateways: there are two new entries used to top up WiFi plans using mobile wallets, Safaricom M-Pesa and ECVPlus via WAAFIPay. We updated PayFast to support the “PassPhrase”, a phrase that the merchant selects which is used to make their security signature.
•We added the possibility to enter Let’s Encrypt certificates, the free certificates. So now you can choose between the two options "Certification Authority" and "System (Let’s Encrypt)". The certificates issued by the system have no costs, are time-limited. The big add-on is that the system automatically renews them. Therefore, they do not expire.
•We designed a new data structure, including the “System Log” to make more room and occupy less disk space. This change will improve performances.

We have released HSNM new version 9.0 and other remarkable features are waiting for you.

SEE WHAT'S NEW IN THE RELEASE NOTES: https://wiki.hsnetworkmanager.com/?cont ... ersion-9-0

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