Check out HSNM Version 7!
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Check out HSNM Version 7!

by Marisa » 25 Oct 2019, 09:15

We are proud to announce that we released new HSNM version 7 (Beta).
The demanding tech-savvy segment of guests is quickly growing and we have added a world of new possibilities that give you incredible power at an incredible value.

Some of the new features and tools to gain more opportunities:
•Now you can offer multiple login forms, different WiFi landing pages, manage users across multiple domains and distinct networks with multiple SSID using the same hardware infrastructure.
A multi-everything tool for turning anonymous visitors into engaged and loyal customers.

•Welcome Portal is a business communication tool and there’s just no “One-size-fits all” approach to meet your customers’ needs. With version 7 you can completely customize your Welcome Portal by using HTML, JavaScript and CSS.
Captive portal is not only a simple page, you can turn it into a flow of several steps that interact with guests and drive to the login page. The captive portal used to be a way to let user access, change its role and make it become the best way to engage with visitors before they get online. Perfect for your vertical B2B customers, be airports, hotels, retailers, restaurants…

•Empower your hospitality clients with inter-connection between your hospitality PMS system and HSNM. With a simplified login process and easy administration, guest satisfaction is at an all-time high.
No experience needed and with just a few clicks, you allow guests to be automatically authenticated upon arrival to the hotel.

•Synchronise your clients with MailChimp, the popular email marketing software. Manage mailing lists, send awesome emails, marketing messages and track results. It's easy to connect HSNM Contacts + Mailchimp and requires absolutely zero coding experience.

•Integration with Google Tag Manager, Facebook Pixels and HotJar to capture significant data and insights and drive better marketing results.

•You can decide the complexity of the password for accessing HSNM. Passwords these days are complex and for the right reason. The administrator can define the minimum complexity that passwords must have.

•Now you can bypass or lock IP, subnet or Mac address even at system, reseller, manager, domain and gateway level.

Have a look at the Release Notes attached
HSNM Version 7.0.77.pdf
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